Guide to Sideburns

Definition of Sideburns - a man's whiskers grown down either side of the face in front of the ears which form no connection below the chin.

Choosing the right ‘burn to represent you and your part in the Sides of March its no easy task. The possibilities are almost endless. Here are a few tried and tested ideas by some of the world’s most famous sideburn donning heroes to get you started:

“The Burnsides”

The original and some say the best. Burnsides, later switched to Side Burns are how the name came about after the famed American war general Ambrose Burnside. They are thick half-face swooping ‘burns connected via a moustache. A big and bold statement and difficult to pull off.

“The Elvis”

Modelled on and modelled by one of the most famous ‘burners of all time the King himself: Elvis. Solid full chop based burn but only down to the bottom of your earlobe with a full shave below.

“The Wiggins”

A fairly rustic and deep burn which are powerful yet fairly low maintenance. They have no hindrance on your aerodynamics or general day to day power as tried as tested by a knight of the realm.

“The Wolverine”

A dangerous, aggressive full cheek ‘burn. Start early to achieve maximum effect and a real favourite of The Marching Army. Not for the faint hearted.

“The lamb chop”

Maybe the most traditional side burn. Popular in the 70s this is a fairly deep burn which extends below to ear to roughly mouth level. It tapers outwards with its shape representing a lamb chop hence the blindingly obvious name.

“The Zeus”

These take a good few years of growth and conditioning to generate soft yet powerful curling sweeping ‘burns. A real long commitment to the cause and a real investment resulting in God-like side-burns as seen on our logo.

“The Dorris”

Women can get involved too by sculpting and cutting your hair to form side burns of your choice in any of the above styles. The possibilities are endless and many have been rolled out by celebrities such as Emma Watson and Alexa Chung.

Choose wisely and don’t be half hearted. Go big or go home is our general motto but which ever burn you chose grow it with care and wear it with pride and help raise awareness for this incredibly important cause.