The Sides of March

The Sides of March is a foundation set up to raise awareness for the UK’s biggest killer of men under the age of 45. Suicide.

The concept is simple, fun and above all it’s for a great cause.


Grow some sideburns, spread the word and raise awareness. You can also get yourself sponsored and help raise some money for Charity as well as raising awareness for this incredible cause that goes largely under the radar.

To join in, simply sign up on our site then start growing your sideburns during the month of March!

All sponsors go to CALM via The Sides of March; we are also affiliated to the Royal Foundation’s Heads Together Campaign for 2017. All proceeds go directly to CALM.

If you have lost someone to suicide, been close to people who have or simply just want to help, then join the Marching Army, face up to suicide and help us give suicidal people another option.

Sign Up – Enlist in the “Marching Army”

Simply register for the Sides of March via our simple sign up form below and start growing your sideburns of choice in March – its all free and for a great cause: check our Rules section on the home page for the finer details.

Once enlisted you have one of two options:

  • Mission A – simply spread the word by growing and wearing your Side Burns to help raise awareness. You can also buy limited edition T shirts / Badges – details to be released soon on our site
  • Mission B – is also the same as Mission A but with the added element of getting sponsored. This is to raise money for CALM – Campaign against living miserably and their campaigns. ALL proceeds go directly to CALM and you can create your own Justgiving Sponsors page and donate via the Sides of March campaign.

Remember... the aim is not just to raise money to help the Charities but mainly to raise awareness so you can take part simply by sporting the side burns and telling people why. Just make sure you still register online whatever mission you chose.

Either way: Grow some ‘Burns and Face up to Suicide.


You can join in by growing your burns at ANY stage during March! Ideally for the whole month of course but even if it is just for 1 day sign up and help raise awareness for the cause and start a conversation about mental health.

  • During March, begin growing your sideburns. Start from scratch or trim existing facial hair and sculpt the best ‘burn you possibly can. You can do this at ANY point in March, ideally for all of it but even if you just want to shave part of your existing beard to sculpt some Burns for the last few days that’s ok!
  • In order to achieve official sideburn status, facial hair cannot be connected below the mouth. However, a moustache connection is permitted and, in certain cases, positively encouraged… just like Ambrose Burnside’s originals. Check our the gallery and our Guide to SideBurns for some inspiration...
  • Finally, by March 31st send us your best sideburn pictures via Facebook/email for a chance to enter the Burners Hall of Fame. The best sideburn of the year wins the prestigious Caesar award and will have the honour of being one of the hairy faces of next year's campaign.

Whilst donning your Side Burns for the whole of March is the main aim, if you can only manage a few weeks, just one week or even just one day to help raise awareness, then that’s enough and it’s mission accomplished. Either way sign up online to take part.

Our story...

Our friend, our brother, a son and an Uncle Jesh Ahmed tragically left us in January 2016. We may never know exactly why or what happened to our dear friend but ultimately he fell victim to himself and decided to end his own life.

He is dearly missed every single day.

This is a tragedy that happens to people every day and at an alarming rate. On average over 12 men a day die by suicide in the UK alone and according to the World Health Organization, every 40 seconds a person dies by suicide somewhere in the world...

We are here now to join together and to raise awareness to help people in similar situations to where our friend Jesh found himself at the end and also for those of us left behind.

Burns Night 2017...

On the 31st March we will be hosting a charity party night to celebrate the Sides of March 2017. Further details to follow...keep an eye out online for updates.

The Story behind the name...

Despite the common misconception that most suicides occur during the winter months research and statistics show that this tragedy occurs mostly in the spring months from March to May.

The Ides of March is a Roman term now famous for the time when Julius Caesar died. It’s also a term marking the first full moon of the old Latin calendar year, during the modern day month of March.

We chose the name The Sides of March as both a play on words and the pertinent timing of the year.

We want to use this time to grow some sideburns, have some fun with it and ultimately raise as much awareness as possible for this cause. Together we can help prevent suicides by raising awareness and giving support to where it is needed most.

When Caesar died it was a pivotal moment in human history, which changed the world at the time. Too many of us have fallen victim to our own world changing tragedies by suicide and we know that we are not alone in our loss. By creating this foundation we want to hopefully help change the world again, even if it is only just for a few people.

Beware the Ides of March Caesar was warned. He didn't listen.

Wear your Sides in March we ask. We hope you listen.